Whether you’re an organizer interested in having Honey Sweet Studio at your event or just a fan of the shop looking for some behind the scenes info, I hope the following sheds some light on my work. Please feel free to contact me for any business inquiries!


Original content

With several different characters and accompanying ‘universes’ there is sure to be something for everyone. While there are core characters for the shop, I am always looking to release another one of my creations into the world. One of my primary reasons for starting Honey Sweet Studio is my desire to share my characters and designs with a greater audience.


Product Diversity

Consistently creating new designs and expanding the goods available in the shop is a key element. Being able to bring fresh content to fans regularly is something I continue to work hard on. I even hope to bring my own stories and comics to the shop one day!


Constantly growing

Each convention; each interaction with fans; each engagement on social media about a new product, allows me to continually grow the shop and improve. Honey Sweet Studio was started in January 2018 and has quickly expanded its offerings in terms of products and designs. It shows no sign of slowing down!